13 days ago Paul E. MurphyDecouple submachine and detect soft/hard dfp master
13 days ago Paul E. Murphyremove powerpc fenvinline.h and imply hard-fp
13 days ago Paul E. Murphycleanup and remove ldouble Implies
2020-04-07 Tulio Magno... Improve configure
2020-04-07 Tulio Magno... Test if compiler and libraries support _Float128
2020-04-06 Paul E. MurphyAdd a simple build testing script
2020-04-06 Paul E. Murphypowerpc64le: add missing GCC 9 symbols for KFmode
2020-04-06 Paul E. MurphyExplicitly require python, and favor python3
2020-03-23 Pedro CaldeiraAdd fminmagN function as TS18661 recommends
2020-03-18 Paul E. Murphytest-bfp-conversions: don't expose _Float128 if not...
2020-03-18 Paul E. Murphyconfigure: fix compiler/glibc check
2020-03-17 Paul E. MurphyRemove unusable __decrm_location private symbol
2020-03-17 Paul E. Murphydpd: add missing redirects
2020-03-17 Paul E. disambiguate top_srcdir with realpath
2020-03-17 Paul E. add datarootdir variable
2020-03-17 Paul E. Murphyx86_64/i386: remove unused sysdep dirs
2020-03-17 Paul E. remove AC_FUNC_MALLOC check
2020-03-17 Paul E. Murphytest-bfp-conversions: refactorwrite support for _Float128
2020-03-17 Paul E. MurphyRefactor dfp/math.h and built with C11
2020-03-17 Paul E. MurphyAdd float128 support
2020-02-19 Stefan LieblerS390: Mark internal quantized function as hidden.
2020-02-19 Stefan LieblerFix pkg-config.
2020-02-17 Guillaume Poirier... Add pkg-config file
2020-02-17 Paul E. MurphyRemove mini-gmp
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphybid: use decNumber for decoded128
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphybid: remove u128_from_str and related bits
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphyexpd64: correctly check for range
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphylibbid: fixup PLT hacks for TFmode
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphyfloatti*d: Ensure PLT hacks are included
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphytest-isnan-d*: Use boolean test for success
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphytest-fenv: Don't test non-standard modes on BID
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphylibbid: wireup exceptions to libm
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphylibbid: use __set_status_flags macro in bfp conversions
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphylibbid: use bfp rounding mode when converting to bfp
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphylibbid: integration part 2
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphylibbid: hacks to support shared library
2020-02-17 Paul E. Murphylibbid: Import from GCC
2020-01-30 Pedro Henrique... Generic fabs function without falling back to libdecnumber
2020-01-07 Stefan LieblerFix TabError in tests/ #121
2020-01-06 Paul E. Murphylibdecnumber: inline host-ieeeN.c files for BID
2020-01-06 Paul E. Murphylibdecnumber: sync with GCC
2020-01-06 Paul E. Murphylogd128: remove printf debug noise
2020-01-02 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: Make dfp_inline.h functions static too
2020-01-02 Paul E. Murphypowd64: cleanup with 'indent'
2020-01-02 Paul E. MurphyFix inline round/restore macro
2020-01-02 Paul E. Murphygen-auto-dfp-tests: Fix small value rounding
2020-01-02 Paul E. Murphypowd64: move powerpc64 version to common.
2020-01-02 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: remove processor specific sysdep dirs
2020-01-02 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: cleanup __dpd_trunctdsd2
2020-01-02 Paul E. Murphypowerpc, expd128: fix power9 compilation
2019-12-13 Paul E. MurphyAdd native logd128
2019-12-03 Stefan Lieblers390: update ulps
2019-12-02 Pedro CaldeiraAdd fmaxmagN function as TS18661 recommends
2019-12-02 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: remove unused soft-dfp ulps file
2019-12-02 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: better inline isfinite checks
2019-12-02 Paul E. MurphyAdd rounding mode enforcement to expd128
2019-12-02 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: inline quantized128 with dfp
2019-12-02 Paul E. Murphysoft-dfp, powerpc64: update ulps
2019-12-02 Paul E. MurphyAdd native expd128
2019-12-02 Paul E. MurphyFix and test ldexp
2019-12-02 Paul E. MurphyMove ppc expd64/logd64 to common ieee754r
2019-12-02 Paul E. MurphyMove test rules into test/Makefile
2019-12-02 Paul E. MurphyRemove unused or fixed configury
2019-12-02 Paul E. Murphysin/cos: more correctly compute the requested value
2019-12-02 Paul E. MurphyFix spurious integer overflow warnings
2019-12-02 Paul E. MurphyAdd a framework to verify DFP math functions
2019-12-02 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: fix expd{32,64} array out of bounds bug
2019-11-14 Tulio Magno... Replace the install_root with DESTDIR
2019-11-14 Tulio Magno... Re-add test output
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyUse GCC builtins for fpclassify tests
2019-11-08 Paul E. Murphys390: fix warning about missing prototype
2019-11-08 Paul E. Murphyisunordered*: use GCC builtin
2019-11-08 Paul E. Murphyunord{s,d,t}d2: use __builtin_isunordered instead
2019-11-08 Paul E. Murphybase-math: remove unnecessary d32 -> d64 promotions
2019-11-08 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: remove float{uns,}disd assembly routines
2019-11-08 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: remove remaining assembly files
2019-11-08 Paul E. Murphypowerpc: remove some assembly overrides
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyRemove source from root directory
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyRename CFLAGS-sysdeps to sysdeps-CFLAGS
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyContain with_dfp to autoconf
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyRemove --enable-decimal-float option.
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyRemove --with-backend option
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyUse sysdeps to infer bid/dpd sysdep dirs
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyRemove _{DPD,BID}_BACKEND compiler flag
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyFix GCC 9 warnings for hidden definitions
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyWorkaround rounding failures in libdfp conversion
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyIntegrate libdecnumber into build
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyRemove implicit append of -mno-hard-dfp
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyRefactor and remove mzarch configure variable
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphySimplify and mandate __int128 support for 64b targets
2019-11-08 Paul E. MurphyFixup x86 conversion routines
2019-11-06 Stefan LieblerS390: Add support for z15/arch13 s390 cpu.
2019-09-05 Tulio Magno... powerpc: Ignore tests that are known to fail on soft...
2019-09-05 Stefan LieblerShow details about test fails in output of make check.
2019-09-05 Stefan LieblerInstall COPYING.txt in inst_docdir.
2019-07-10 Tulio Magno... Release 1.0.14 1.0.14
2019-04-18 Rogerio AlvesFix exponent range check on Decimal64 to Float conversion.
2019-03-01 Rogerio AlvesFix incorrect conversions from Decimal128 to IBM long...
2019-03-01 Tulio Magno... Fix the printing format of some test results in test...
2019-03-01 Rogerio AlvesFix overflow test failures for float conversion.