last changeThu, 24 Mar 2016 20:32:23 +0000 (17:32 -0300)
2016-03-24 Frederic BonnardFix manpages issues master
2016-02-03 Carlos Eduardo SeoRefresh of configuration files
2016-01-29 Carlos Eduardo SeoChange of maintainership.
2016-01-29 Carlos Eduardo SeoUpdated CONTRIBUTORS with new maintainers.
2015-11-30 Carlos Eduardo SeoMake GCC-4.5 the minimum version for building libauxv.
2015-11-26 Carlos Eduardo SeoDeprecate public functions.
2015-08-27 Paul E. MurphySync hwcap table with kernel
2015-08-19 Carlos Eduardo SeoMerge branch 'rpm' of git://
2015-08-04 Frederic BonnardCleaning
2015-08-03 Gabriel F.... Change package name from auxv to libauxv release_1.1.0
2015-07-29 Gabriel F.... Release 1.1.0 9/head
2015-07-10 Paul E. MurphyMerge branch 'pmur-release-improvements'
2015-07-10 Paul E. MurphyAdd release script 7/head
2015-07-09 Paul E. MurphyGenerate ChangeLog dynamically
2015-06-18 Gabriel F.... Add devel package 6/head
2015-06-18 Gabriel F.... Add rpm spec file
4 years ago release_1.1.0
6 years ago release_1.0.0 This is the commit which finally...
4 years ago master